Category: Abolish Kafala.

No Ethical Contract Under Kafala

The Ministry of Labor is set to release an amended version of the Standard Unified Contract (SUC) which, in theory, intends to regulate the working relationship between migrant domestic workers and their sponsors (employers). However, the contract is only one piece of the Kafala system and, due to lack of any enforcement mechanism, it is arguably the least important piece.

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All Rights for All Workers

Workers are workers, regardless of nationality or profession. No worker’s rights should depend on the goodwill or generosity of their individual employer. Our silence in the face of injustice against any worker paves the way for injustice against all workers. This year, we produced a series of short videos about the rights of all workers in Lebanon regardless of nationality, race, or labor sector.

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Migrant Domestic Workers Deaths in Lebanon: More Investigation Needed

In three unrelated incidents, three Migrant Domestic Workers in Lebanon have died or been seriously injured in the last week. The Migrant Domestic Workers Coordination Consortium (MDWCC) and other civil society NGOs demand rigorous and serious investigations into the three cases and in all cases of Migrant Domestic Workers’ death or serious injury.

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