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Communications & Advocacy Officer

Closing Date: 
Monday, 20 April, 2020

Job Purpose

To ensure that ARM’s discourse and demands are understood by the public and specific target audiences.

Areas of Contribution & Related Accountabilities

Content Development, Communications & Social Media:

  • Lead on the development of an overall social media strategy and monthly social media plans
  • Actively manage and be the point person for ARM’s website and ARM social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) by: posting created and shared content, replying to comments/forwarding where necessary, flagging important reactions to management, interacting with audiences in a responsive and professional manner, managing flow of information, troubleshooting, etc. 
  • Lead on the creation of visual content with technical support of a designer and in consultation with management & other staff.
  • Set up social media policies and procedures for ARM & MCC; assess and enhance MCC team’s social  media & communications skills.
  • Track analytics to gain insight on traffic, demographics, and effectiveness of posts and campaigns, in order to assess performance and improve future strategies and tactics
  • Research and implement ways to measure trends in media coverage of migrant worker issues
  • Create and disseminate a quarterly newsletter for ARM and MCC with a focus on rallying support for our overarching goals.
  • Develop engaging public campaign stories and actions to generate public support for the cause
  • Contribute to the development of campaign strategies and timelines in coordination with ARM management and staff, including but not limited to the use of social and traditional media as campaigning tools
  • Coordinating & editing content creation by staff members (e.g. articles to post on website)
  • Draft, translate, and/or publish content for campaigning & advocacy, and other materials for external and internal use, such as fact sheets, talking points, testimonies, press releases, etc. 
  • Prepare or edit organisational publications for internal or external audiences (e.g. coordinating Annual Report, editing studies, etc.)
  • In coordination with Advocacy Manager, ensure consistency of ARM’s discourse in all published materials, interviews, protests, and social media messages
  • Manage ARM’s Racism Monitor
  • Coordinate biennial perception studies about racism and related issues in Lebanon to measure shifts in public attitudes
  • Develop a yearly training for ARM staff, activists, volunteers, students, journalist allies, and/or other relevant stakeholders covering all aspects of migrants’ situation in Lebanon & how to communicate them
  • Archive existing relevant publications, identify information gaps and select strategic research topics to be explored with staff/consultants/student

Advocacy Support:

The jobholder responsibilities include but are not limited to assisting the Advocacy Manager in her responsibilities when needed: 

  • Monitor, document and analyze government policies and other political developments related to migrants and refugees
  • Develop ARM’s policy options and positions
  • Create a year-long advocacy plan to promote ARM’s positions
  • Draft statements articulating specific parts of ARM’s positions, or reactions to current events in Lebanon (e.g. press release, protest manifesto), and spread to its intended audience
  • Organize internal and external policy discussions relevant to MDWs
  • Engage MDWs in their advocacy work including strategy development, campaign actions and events
  • Draft and send invitations to media & supporters lists in order to share statements, success stories, upcoming events, etc.
  • Compile and share news digests with staff on a weekly basis, in order to keep the team informed of all developments relevant to our work
  • Prepare & translate materials for media kits
  • Connect with local and international editors, journalists and broadcasters
  • Represent ARM and MCC to the media and at specific meetings and events when required

Communications & Work Relationships

 Internal Communication

  •  Regular contact with the Programs Director & her team members
  • Regular contact with Advocacy Manager and Casework Manager
  • Regular contact with MCC staff
  • Occasional contact with designer
  • Occasional contact with the Executive Director & core management team
  • Occasional contact with MDWs and migrant activists

 External Communication

  •  Occasional contact with media representatives
  • Occasional contact with website manager
  • Occasional contact with research partners, activists, ARM supporters, NGOs, and other stakeholders as needed

Framework, Boundaries, and Decision Making Authority

The jobholder suggests possible solutions to the Advocacy Manager and Programs Director for final decision-making, and takes necessary actions.

 Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • University Degree in Public Policy, Journalism, Media & Communications, Public Relations, or a related field.
  • Knowledge and understanding of migration issues and the situation of migrant workers in Lebanon.
  • Knowledge and understanding of NGOs, nonprofit organizations and human rights issues.
  • Knowledge and understanding of local politics and policies.
  • Good command of online and social media tools.
  • Good Microsoft Office Skills.
  • Experience required:  4-6 years.
  • Excellent command of written and spoken English & Arabic.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, strategic thinking, teamwork.
  • Very good organizational and time management skills, proactive, self-motivated.

Working Hours: 40 hours / week

Salary Range: USD 1500-USD 2000

How to Apply

  • Send an updated CV and a cover letter to
  • Applications without cover letters will not be considered
  • Applications with cover letters that are not tailored to this position will not be considered