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End Their Lockdown

Tuesday, 16 June, 2020

Commit. Support. Advocate.

We can all do something to stop the devastating impact of kafala on the lives of hundreds of thousands of migrant workers in Lebanon. And we can all work towards one day abolishing this oppressive system completely. Here's a list to get you started. Act now.

Commit to uphold the human rights of migrant domestic workers

If you are a kafeel or can influence kafeels, do this:

  1. Limit domestic workers' working hours and respect a minimum 1 day off per week and annual leave as per the Lebanese Labor Law
  2. Respect their right to use time off however they wish
  3. Pay wages on time and in USD or equivalent in LBP at market rate
  4. Renew the workers' medical insurance
  5. Cover the cost of a worker's repatriation if they wish to leave

Support migrant workers in their daily struggle

Do what you can - every initiative goes a long way.

  1. Follow these community groups on social media. Amplify their work: The Alliance of Migrant Domestic Workers in Lebanon, እኛለኛ በስደት Egna Legna Besidet, Mesewat, Cameroonian Community in Lebanon, Sri Lankan Women Activity Projects
  2. Join the people’s coalition to end kafala. Sign up now to stay up-to-date of support needed, including relief work and stopping evictions
  3. Donate online to the Migrant Community Centers and the Anti-Racism Movement
  4. Donate cash by sending a WhatsApp message to 78 936 766 specifying your full name and amount you'd like to donate and we will get back to you

Advocate to abolish kafala in Lebanon

Kafala is a system that manifests in several laws and policies and procedures. We want it abolished and, urgently today, ask you to:

  1. Pressure the Ministry of Labor to push for the prosecution of employers who abandon domestic workers. Call them at 01 556 803, tag them on @laborministrylb, and organize protests at the Ministry in Al Borj Building, Chiyah Highway, Al Mousharrafieh.
  2. Pressure the General Security to waive penalty fees for migrant workers who overstayed their residency. Call them at 01 429 061 and 01 425 610 , tag them on @DGSG_Security
  3. Pressure consulates and embassies to evacuate workers and cover the cost of their evacuation.
Bangladesh 01735856; 05956087; 05956039 Al Riyadh Building 3, 4th Floor Safara Al Kuwaiti Street, Bir Hassan
Burkina Faso 01 373 375 Burkina Faso Consulate in Beirut, Lebanon  Avenue des Francais BP. 3938 Beirut Lebanon
Cameroon 04 540 300; 04 540 200 Metn, Dbayeh, Gemma Center, 9th floor
Cote d'Ivoire 01 850 484 Jnah, Rue Zahiya Salman, Imm Twin Tower, Block A, 1er Etage, Rond-point Ordre des Ingenieurs et architectes, facing BLOM
Eriteria 01 797 333 7th Floor, Unesco Center, Verdun
Ethiopia 05 953 656 Hazmieh, 67 rue 11 ML12103, Said Freiha Street, Old Bank Audi Building
Ghana 01 393 946 Labban bldg, 4th floor, Sami Solh Avenue, Badaro 
India 01 735 856; 01 735 847 239, Ibrahim Abed El Aal Street, Hamra, Ras Beirut
Kenya 01 383 006 Charles Malek Av., (Near Sagesse Ashrafieh), Roadster Bldg., 3rd Floor, Achrafieh
Madagascar 09 444 333 Keserwan, Okaybe, New Santa Theresa Beach
Nepal 01 875 592 Jdeideh Mirna Shalouhi Street, Afqo Building
Nigeria 01 857 612; 01 857 614 Al Abir Bldg., 1st Floor, Adnan Hakeem Street, Bir Hassan
Philippines 05 953 522; 05 953 520 Mar Geries St., Al Mahatta Road, Hadath, Baabda
Senegal 01 865 067; 01 810 232 Ghazi Hallab bldg, Block C, Raouche near Grand Café
Sierra Leone 03 908 968 George Haddad Street No.1504, 4th floor Al-Marfaa, Beirut
Sri Lanka 05 956 032; 05 956031; 05 956 038; 05 956 041  No. 929, Mar Roukoz Street, Hazmieh
Sudan 01 353 270; 01 350 057 Near Bristol Hotel, Madame Curie Street, Minkara Building
Somalia 01 644 700; 01 644 701 Salim Salam Highway, Al Koubra Building, 1st floor