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ARM has been working on distributing food packages and hygiene kits to migrant and refugee families in the context of the pandemic since May 2020. For that, we are relying heavily on our main advantage in the field: our extensive networks of migrant community members, which we have built up over the past decade through our Migrant Community Centers.

As has been well documented, migrant workers’ situation has progressively worsened in the past year (pandemic, loss of income, stuck in Lebanon, loss of shelter, etc). For many migrants affected by the blast, their top priority is to find a way to finally leave Lebanon and go back home, rather than fix the house they may be evicted from any day.

The August 4 Beirut explosion left over 300,000 people homeless. There is an urgent need to rebuild houses, or at least make them temporarily livable, which will require a lot of money and time, especially due to the sudden surge in demand for materials and repairmen. Immediate shelter is especially important due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the need to self-isolate. Sadly, this rebuilding process will be especially difficult due to the economic crisis, hyperinflation, and soaring unemployment rates in Lebanon, which are disproportionately affecting marginalized groups who do not have access to stable work or social support systems.


To donate, there are two options:

1.  Through online transfers on our Givingloop page.

2. Through our bank account as per the details below:

 Account Holder Name: Anti-Racism Movement

Bank Name: Blom Bank SAL

Branch Address: Koraytem, Takieddine Solh St., Ghalayini Bldg. Beirut Lebanon

Account Number: 1268367

IBAN CODE: LB26 0014 0000 1802 3531 2683 6718


Telephone: 961 1 800081

Fax: 961 1 800032

P.O. Box: 11-1912