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At the Anti-Racism Movement (ARM), we are constantly working on a multitude of different activities and initiatives. Most of our activities are only possible with the help of dedicated and passionate volunteers who work in collaboration with our core team. We are always looking for new volunteers and collaborators to pump more energy and ideas into the movement. If you feel strongly about the struggle against racism in Lebanon, then join us in our ongoing efforts! Even if you can only commit a couple of hours a week, we would love to hear from you.

Get in touch with us via this form or contact us on

Here’s how you can get involved:

  • Teaching or Assisting a Class

All the language, computer, and music classes offered at our community centers are taught by experienced volunteers. Most of the students are women migrant domestic workers working in Lebanon. Most classes run on Sundays and require a commitment of several months. Let us know if you are interested in teaching a class or supporting our teachers with their work. Do you have other skills you can share (drawing, sports, dancing, fashion design etc.)? We are always open to hosting new classes.

  • Direct Action, Campaigns, and/or Outreach

Do you have experience in organizing protests, campaigns, and/or outreach activities? We always need more help in organizing an annual protest for migrant workers’ rights on workers’ day in Beirut, in addition to direct action (sit-ins, walk-outs, candle-light vigils, protests, etc.) against racist practices in Lebanon. Contact us if you have any ideas for campaigns or direct action you can help in developing.

You can also help us develop more alliances with local and international anti-racist groups and domestic worker unions/collectives, or help with our outreach efforts to migrant domestic workers in different areas in Lebanon (through disseminating flyers/posters, Facebook groups, etc.).

  • Planning Workshops, Presentations, and Discussion Groups

We provide different kinds of workshops for members at our community centers. From community-building workshops to filmmaking, theater, design, and advocacy training sessions (public speaking, writing statements, etc.), these workshops are useful to sustaining stronger migrant communities and providing access to important skills and resources for migrant workers who need them. We are also open to trainings and discussion groups to develop the knowledge and abilities of our core staff and volunteers. In addition, our team also organizes and presents sessions in schools and universities on various topics related to the situation of migrant workers in Lebanon. Have an idea for a workshop, presentation, or discussion group you can facilitate or lead? Contact us to discuss things further!

  • Film-making and Media

Do you have film-making or media skills? We are always open to developing more powerful visual content for our advocacy and community work. Contact us if you’re a filmmaker, illustrator, or media professional and have an idea you could develop with our team!

You can also help us launch a radio program led by migrant workers we are currently developing (to be aired on a local radio station in 2018)!

  • Coordinating Projects, Events, and/or Fundraisers

At MCC, we provide support to different kinds of initiatives (organizations, films, markets, etc.) led by migrant domestic workers in Lebanon. Contact us to know more about if/how you can support our members with their projects and initiatives. You could also support our core staff in managing different responsibilities (logistics, evaluations, etc.) that make our work possible (through internships mentioned below), or develop a new project in collaboration with our members. Ideas for new projects included setting up a library on racism and migration at our center, hosting a photography exhibition, organizing a field trip, among others.

We also organize a variety of events (movie screenings, info-sessions, etc) to develop our understanding of, raise awareness about, and mobilize individuals against racist and exploitative systems in Lebanon and the region. In the past, we have hosted info-sessions by academics, activists, lawyers, community workers, and other organizations.

Fundraising is always a challenge for our team, for we are always in contact with individuals who need financial support for different emergency situations (eg. medical treatment, school fees, homeless migrant domestic workers) for which we organize fundraisers when possible. Have an idea for a fundraising activity (parties, dinner nights, etc.) or initiative that could help us raise funds for migrant workers in need? Email us with your ideas!

  • Research, Documentation, and/or Translation

Are you interested in reading and conducting research on topics related to racism, sexism, migration, and human rights? We are always looking for skilled researchers interested in producing articles and presentations on a variety of topics. We are also looking for individuals interested in translating materials (English, Arabic, French, or Amharic) or contributing to our website/social media/newsletter with written or visual work we could help develop.

  • Legal and Social Support to Survivors of Violence

Many migrant workers and migrant domestic workers come to our community centers seeking advice or help on different types of problems they are forced to endure. However, we only have a handful of staff and no full-time lawyers, which makes responding to emergencies and cases of abuse very challenging. We always need support on this, so get in touch with us if you speak Arabic and are interested in helping out. For casework, we prefer to work with individuals who can commit for a minimum of three months. However, we could use help with documenting cases for media attention if you’d like to work on this but have less time.

  • Internships

The Anti-Racism Movement and the Migrant Community Center also offer internship opportunities for individuals who are interested in working with our team on a variety of tasks every week. Most of our interns spend 15-20 hours/week at ARM/MCC for 2-3 months to fulfill their internship. Email us to inquire about possible internship opportunities with our team.

You can reach us on to get involved, or if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for our team.