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Migrant Community Center - Beirut

In 2011, ARM established the Migrant Community Centers (MCC) where migrant workers meet, organize, build alliances, and access information, resources, and direct assistance. MCC’s mission is to improve the quality of life of migrant workers, build their capacity to self-advocate and fight for their rights, and to contribute to a strong and powerful migrant community with women as leaders of change. The spaces are centered around the needs of the migrant community (especially women migrant domestic workers) and serve as a hub for WMDW-led initiatives, advocacy, and activism. Up until 2020, MCC operated awareness, education, capacity-building, and community-building programs, which were either suspended or transitioned online after the centers were closed due to Covid-19. ARM continues to respond to the needs and living conditions of the migrant community during the health and economic crises in Lebanon, through a holistic solidarity response that includes: distributions of hygiene and food supplies, interventions for housing security and informal sheltering, and the ongoing legal assistance and casework. Our theory of change remains unchanged, to shift the positionality of the migrant community from being considered victims, beneficiaries, and recipients of aid, to becoming leaders and agents of change in reclaiming racial, social, economic, and gender justice in Lebanon. 

Visit MCC’s Facebook page for updates on volunteering opportunities, online programs, and the potential reopening of the center.