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Thursday, 26 March, 2015
This is where a migrant worker employed by Sodeco Square lives. In one of their tiny toilet stalls. This violates the most basic human rights of any employee. Sodeco Square employers, it is shameful that you are not even upholding the extremely low-standard contract you signed, which made you responsible for ensuring "decent working conditions" and "accommodation". We see a lawsuit in your future! (Lebanese government, it is even more shameful that your employment contract is so vague and minimally protective that it can allow for slavery conditions!)*** 'Yesterday at the public toilet stalls of Sodeco Square (Beirut) we found this: the living quarters of the migrant worker employed to clean the premises. The last stall in the corner. Unbelievably tiny, BUT, with it's own toilet seat inside. The photos tell the rest. The woman herself was sitting outside the toilets. Sodeco Square is quite a large outfit, with many stores and offices renting space there. I'm sure they can afford to treat employees with decency and dignity.' - Muna Khalidi