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Looking for Volunteer Teachers and more

Monday, 21 February, 2011
We kicked off yesterday with the first language class under the Migrant Workers Task Force. We had a very good start and first session. For those that were not there we were around 10 volunteers and 20 students from Ethiopia, Philippines, Sudan, Madagascar etc. The next class will be next Sunday from 12:00 - 14:00 at T-marbouta. The classes We decided that students will be grouped off into their language groups once they arrive: Arabic, French and English. Each language will have a coordinator who will assist in further pairing off students with teachers depending on their level as well as leading some group activities (ice-breakers etc). Each teacher will then go through exercises with their students before returning to the group to present or conclude the class. Curriculum We also decided to have one module each month (this means 4 classes). Alex will be in charge of laying out lesson plans with supporting materials and exercises. The first module will be "daily greetings and conversations". Teaching method will be conversation focused. We want to improve vocabulary and grammar within the context of the class (i.e. shopping). The materials for each class should be made available online so each volunteer could access before the class for some preparation. VolunteersWe need volunteers to teach: English for French speakers English for Arabic and other speakers Arabic for English speakers French for English speakers Volunteers will need to take responsibility of checking the curriculum before the class and come to class prepared. Volunteers should email the language coordinator for the language they want to teach (see below) before the class and receive information. Please let us know the languages you speak and your level of commitment. Language coordinatorsEnglish: Janie - Arabic: Alex/Ali - French: Lioba - We also discussed the issue of space and decided while we continue looking for a larger and well-located teaching space we will stay at T-marbouta.