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Donations to Refugees- Needed and Ongoing

Thursday, 11 July, 2013
More and constant aid is needed to Syrian refugees. No need for an introduction. Here is an updated list of things groups working on the ground in Bekaa and Beirut (Shatila and other places) need. Please do your share by either donating what you can, sharing this with people who are interested in helping or keeping us in mind if you stumble on anything in the coming months. The situation is only getting worse. You know. Food:oil lentils sugar canned food tuna/ sardine tomato paste jam beans tea rice Miscellaneous: water powder juice clothes mattresses pillows toys underwear socks towels sanitary products Medicine: case by case but the recurrent ones are related to pressure, heart problems, diabetes, asthma Volunteering:teaching languages on weekdays/ weekends for children in Shatila center helping out with other sessions of arts, music, theater, sports or any other entertaining/ educational sessions Please get in touch with us with any idea or question on or 01 565442