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Tuesday, 5 June, 2012

Mamamata is a Nigerian woman who has been in Lebanon for 12 years. She runs a day care center in Nabaa at her house for babies and migrant children. Visiting her place, you cannot but marvel at the beauty of being in a house which hosts such mixture of children and nationalities, ethnicities and ages, languages and stories. It is such a warm house run by such an inspiring woman who has so much to say and recount about her 12 years here. Mamamata does not leave this place besides on Sundays, for her weekly church ritual.

Mamamata expressed an interest in gathering a few extra needs for the house to cater for the people who use it day by day.

If you can donate any of the below stuff, Mamamata would be very grateful.

2 Fans
TV Table
2 Closets and bookshelf
Food for children
Diapers for 9 months old baby
Poofs- Bean Bags
3 Garbage bins
First aid kit and basic medicine
Anything new or used but still in good shape.

Email us on or call 70 066880/ 01 565442.

Thank you for any donations you will make or even just taking the time to share this!