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Sorry, you don’t have the right skin color to enter this club

Monday, 2 July, 2012

Now this is effective activism.

The guys at the Anti-Racism Movement [ARM]
snuck in a camera and filmed a black woman being refused entry from
Saint-George Yacht Club & Marina in Beirut on the grounds that entry
is members only. [See the above video]
Then they, as non-black Lebanese, tried the exact same thing and were
allowed entry if they paid the 40,000LL (US$23.33) cover charge.
A few years ago, the ARM did a similar thing at Sporting Beach Club, with a similar outcome.
Earlier this year – to their credit, but at long last - the
government passed a circular to establishments banning discrimination
based on race, nationality or handicap. Sadly, racism is endemic in
Lebanon and tackling beach clubs is a small, but important, step in
changing attitudes to race.
Following ARM’s latest undercover footage, on June 2, the relevant
authorities were informed. The charge is currently under investigation,
according to the written message by ARM which can be found below the YouTube clip.
The message stresses that it does not single out St. George Beach
club and plans to compile a comprehensive list of violators, perhaps
similar to a list NOW Lebanon created in 2010.
If you witness such discrimination and want to contribute to ending
this flagrant act of racism, you can: 1) call the tourism police right
away (hotline: 1735), and let them know; 2) Inform the ARM by email at: – they stress that they will maintain your anonymity unless otherwise agreed.

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