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Racist resorts outed again

Friday, 13 July, 2012
Following their successful hit on the St George Yacht Club & Marina last month, the Lebanese Anti-Racism Movement (ARM) has released a follow-up in which they out 10 very well-known beach and pool resorts for their unabashedly racist policies. One by one, resort employees inform the ARM by telephone that, while migrant domestic workers may be allowed to enter their establishments, they may not swim. Particularly galling is the exasperated tone in which many of them say this, as though the callers were asking to do something that any upstanding person would know is obviously unacceptable. The group has vowed to continue its activism until it “compile[s] a comprehensive list of violators”. As before, if you want to assist their efforts, you can: 1) call the “tourism police” on 1735; 2) email the ARM at; and/or 3) contact them via their Facebook page. NowLebanon