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Racism and Segregation at Lebanese Beaches

Friday, 13 July, 2012

Jadaliyya covers the Situation.

Recently, the Ministiry of Tourism in Lebanon issued a memorandum
banning discrmination in the country's private pools and beaches. Such a
ban came after many years of the barring of entry or other forms of
discrimination against migrant domestic laborers and those assumed to be
migrant domestic laborers. In an effort to monitor and encourage the
implementation of this recent official ban on discrimination, the
Lebanese group Anti-Racism Movement has
produced the following two videos highliting the continued and
widespread practice of discrimination at private beaches in Lebanon.

Flat Out Segregation at Lebanese Beaches (Part 1)
In this video, a hidden camera documents a discriminatory act the
Saint-George Yacht Club and Marina (Beirut). Following the incident, the
Ministry of Tourism Police were called and activists were assured that
the Saint-George would be fined. The business also issued an appology
promising to ensure that that such discrumination would not take place
again. Activists want to be clear that they were not singling out the
Saint-George club, but that this was the only available footage of what
is a much broader phenomenon.

Flat Out Segregation at Lebanese Beaches (Part 2)
In this video, activists call several of the private beaches and
pools to ask (1) whether migrant domestic workes are allowed to enter
and (2) whether they are allowed to swim. Establishments featured
inlcude: Golden Beach (00:12); Oceana (00:28); Miramar (01:05); Long
Beach (01:20); Edde Sands (01:37); Florida Beach (01:50); Portemillo
(02:12); Cyna (02:47); La Plage (03:01); Las Salinas (03:31).

What You Can Do
The Anti-Racism Movement has asked that people in Lebanon do the
following in an effort to support and amplify their efforts to ensure
that the discrimination ban in Lebanon is enforced:

  • If you witness an act of discrimination at a beach (not letting
    someone in, not letting them swim, other "filtration policies", etc.),
    please call the tourism police right away (hotline: 1735), and let them
  • If you do not want to call the tourism police, let Anti-Racism Movement know (by phone, SMS, or email) and we will deal with it! (See contact information below)
  • Please send Anti-Racism Movement your experiences at
    beaches in Lebanon. You can email us, call us, send us a video or a
    picture. You will remain completely anonymous unless you ask for your
    name to be used.

Anti-Racism Movement Contact Information
Phone: 01-565442 or 71-486601