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Organizational Development Consultant for MEAL

Closing Date: 
Sunday, 28 March, 2021

Terms of Reference


Position: Organizational Development Consultant for Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEAL)

Employer: Anti-Racism Movement (ARM)

Duration: 3-5 months, to be agreed upon between the consultant(s) and ARM's team

Budget: 8k to 10k, all inclusive



The Anti-Racism Movement (ARM) is a local NGO established in 2011 by a group of local activists who work together with migrant workers to secure social, economic, and gender justice for all migrant workers and racialized groups in Lebanon. We work for a just society where all migrants enjoy decent living and working conditions. Our theory of change shifts the positionality of migrant workers from beneficiaries and recipients of services to leaders and agents of social change in Lebanon. ARM currently runs several programs that focus on advocacy, community-building, relief, and casework. 

We do most of our work through Migrant Community Centers (MCCs) in direct collaboration with migrant workers, especially migrant domestic workers. The MCCs are free and safe spaces tailored to migrant workers and evolving according to their needs, where they can meet, learn new skills, work together, and access information, resources and assistance. Since their creation, they have been offering free classes and other educational, social, and capacity-building activities, such as language classes, computer classes, health awareness sessions, rights education, advocacy training, cultural exchange events, social gatherings, and various holiday celebrations. Since March 2020, the community centers have been closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which meant that ARM’s efforts were directed into emergency relief, advocacy, and casework since then. After the COVID-19 pandemic and economic crisis hit Lebanon, ARM established a Relief Project where migrant workers in need receive food packages, in addition to limited funding for housing support and evacuations. The relief project currently encompasses a large portion of ARM’s overall work, as opposed to our regular community center work.

Since the end of 2019, the ARM team decided to focus their work around four strategic goals, each including a set of objectives (as per an organizational logframe). More details about this will be shared with the consultants. 


The challenge

Since our inception, work related to Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability, and Learning (MEAL) has been done by the Programs Officer in collaboration with all team members. After we grew in size, more dedicated support was needed in MEAL and data management, since our projects grew in size and scope. As such, a MEAL Officer role was created in 2020. 

However, the process has been challenging since our work is oriented towards self-advocacy and community-building, and as such requires a MEAL system that facilitates information flow and records needed information without making the bulk of our work centered around fulfilling quantitative indicators. This means that traditional MEAL tools implemented in many humanitarian organizations do not work well for ARM’s culture and goals, and so a more relevant system is needed.


The role of the consultant

The role of the consultant will be to map out ARM’s current MEAL tools, needs, strategies, strengths, and challenges in order to develop an improved MEAL strategy that better works for the organisation, in addition to overseeing the initial implementation of the agreed-upon strategy. For that, we’re looking for a consultant (or a consultancy team) who is familiar with the challenges of developing MEAL tools that can better work for organizations involved in advocacy and grassroots community building. The tools should facilitate the ability of ARM staff to fulfill their respective roles, provide space for the organization to grow in its impact, while fulfilling donor requirements.



The consultancy consists of developing and implementing the following stages at the organisation:

  • Assessment:

    • Collecting feedback from ARM staff to inform what strategies can be useful and applicable within ARM’s mission, vision, and current programs

    • Reviewing current systems

    • Surveying main current challenges and the desired systems

    • Reviewing required tools for operations and for donor reporting 

    • Meetings with programs team and team leaders

    • What’s working, what’s not

    • Report highlighting ways forward / options

  • Development: Developing proposal(s) for ARM management on integrating MEAL systems in light of the collected feedback, taking into consideration the various types of strategies different types of organizations adopt to measure and report on their work. Preference will be given to strategies that enable staff to do long-term planning and movement-building work over traditional humanitarian MEAL systems that prioritize achieving quantitative targets.

  • Feedback and adoption: The consultant(s) present their recommendation(s) to ARM management, and advise on which recommendation they believe would fit best for ARM based on their analyses. Additional edits and reviews can happen to the model during this phase based on feedback from the team(s). 

  • Implementation and additional support: The consultant(s) will develop an actionable implementation plan and support ARM in the creation of the needed systems and/or the hiring/training of staff for any potential new roles and responsibilities. The adopted model should include time periods where the adopted model can be reviewed to make needed changes.

    • Creating/tweaking data collection system

    • Creating/tweaking MEAL system geared twds org learning

    • Advising on softwares needed if any

    • Advising us on other trainings needed

    • Recruiting staff person to support MEAL efforts (if this was the decision made, rather than adding it to current staff’s role) to implement on long term basis (Writing RP, Assisting in interviews and selection)

    • Training: 

      • Training permanent MEAL person

      • Training teams/focal points

      • Advising us on other trainings if needed



  • At least 5 years in a managerial position
  • Experience developing MEAL systems from scratch, based on utility and NGO’s priorities

  • Familiarity with different MEAL tools and systems

  • Some experience doing MEAL for grassroots non-humanitarian organizations is a plus

  • Experience in non-traditional MEAL approaches (e.g. MEAL for advocacy, outcome mapping, etc.) is recommended

  • A background in activism or social organizing is recommended


Individual consultants or teams of more than one consultant are welcome to apply. The abovementioned deliverables can be adapted by the consultant in coordination with ARM if necessary, while ensuring that the objectives of the consultancy are still met.

Interested candidates should send their CVs and cover letters (specifying how they would contribute to the abovementioned deliverables) to with the subject line “Organizational Development Consultancy” by 28 March 2021. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interviews. In case you have any technical questions about the role, please contact