A Happy Story this Time


So a friend in Lebanon told me this today. She works at one of the consulates of a country which many domestic workers here come from. I had to share.

She was at Adlieh detention center a few days back. She had a few cases she needed to follow up on and some people to visit and deliver stuff to. While she was busy doing what she was doing, one of the security people comes up to her and tells her, ‘Im sorry about the airport incident’. He was referring to the MEA incident of last Sunday. And he looked like he really meant his sorry. Surprised, and barely having time to answer that, a few other police officers start rambling about that story and how bad it was, how they believe MEA should be severely held accountable to what had happened and how it is unacceptable, under any pretext, to treat people like this.

We might sound angry and upset most of the time. There is after all, enough content around us to make us negative and pessimistic quite often. But it only take a genuine story like this for us to remember that isn’t always as bad as we think it is. Even within the general security people, there are ones who have hearts and guts to apologize on behalf what others have done.

There are still good people around and there is hope.

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