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Our media monitoring efforts complement our advocacy work for the purpose of spreading accurate information on migrant workers and refugees to tackle misinformation, and to shift the dominant discourse that either portrays them either as helpless victims with no agency or demonizes them in scapegoating campaigns under Lebanon’s ongoing crisis.

Our communication work to that end entails giving interviews alongside MCC members to the media and to researchers, publishing a weekly news report that rounds up everything related to migrants and refugees, as well as a regular Racism Monitor in collaboration with MCC members and Akhbar Alsaha.

We strongly believe in the power of migrants to tell their own stories and influence the dominant narratives themselves. 

Our News

Weekly News Reports

Every Friday, we publish a comprehensive weekly roundup of all events and media coverage related to migrants and refugees. The news reports are also posted on our social media channels, and sent to journalists and allies by email.




ARM's Racism Monitor

Racism Monitor

Given the ongoing (active and passive) campaigns against migrants and refugees in Lebanon, we see that the Racism Monitor (RM) is necessary to counter the hate speech and racist sentiments by several entities such as the media, politicians and political parties, and individual citizens in their racially-motivated attacks.

Thus, we aim through the RM to document, analyze and disseminate everything related to racism in the country including, but not restricted to, the following:

    • Racist coverage and media reports: scapegoating, misinformation and disinformation, even lack of proper or sufficient coverage of issues such as “mysterious” deaths of MDWs
    • Racist policies, decisions, circulars by municipalities and ministries: curfews, forbidding working outside of the town of residence, deportations, detentions, evictions, vaccination…
    • Racist speech and discourse by politicians and media in passing: app;ies to speeches or interviews that mention migrants and refugees negatively in passing. 
  • Racist attacks and incidents: physical and verbal aggression against migrants and refugees; abuse, mistreatment and exploitation of live-in DWs by employers/sponsors/agencies … This would be similar to or inspired by the coverage of other organizations and outlets, however without shaming and sensationalization. 

In addition, the RM would entail fact-checking of misinformation which was tried once in a past news report.

Our Reports

Annual Reports

Each year, ARM publishes a report summarizing all the work of the organization over the year to share with members and supporters. Our first news report was published in 2019 and covered our entire work in 2018.