Adam and Mimi

In the past year, we’ve been touring Lebanon and meeting with young children in more than 35 schools to organize debates and discussions on issues of anti-discrimination, lives and cultures of migrant workers, stereotypes and why we should and how to move past them, etc… That is the part we enjoy most about our work:)
This is the Adam and Mimi interactive and educational toolkit which was devised by ILO for the PROWD project. We have been using it as the main tool in work with children. It includes 6 animated books: 3 books for Mimi travelling to Ethiopia, Sri Lanka & Philippines in addition to 3 books for Adam travelling to Bangladesh, Nepal & Madagascar. It also includes a board game whereby a class can collectively test the information they learned about the geography, culture and history from the stories they’ve read through playing the game together.

Good news is we still have a few games left so it is not too late!
We continue scheduling sessions in schools, public and private, and we are happy to visit yours too:) Just give us a call and we’ll be there in a week!

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