Weekly News Report: June 28-July 4, 2021

التقارير الإخبارية الأسبوعية 2021

MCC x Demo chef residency

Note: A list of resources* where you can track updates and developments in Palestine is available at the end of this report. Please feel free to send us more accounts that we can add to the list.

Articles and views shared in the Weekly News Report do not necessarily represent ARM’s views. Information in these articles has not been fact-checked by ARM and may contain some errors. ARM is simply compiling all news relevant to migrant communities to inform our advocacy efforts and to facilitate the work of organizations who cater to migrant communities.

MCC Back with New Activities including Chef Residency at Demo [here] و [here]

ARM’s Migrant Community Center (MCC) announced its reopening in July with new activities and programs, including a chef residency with Demo Bar in Gemmayze, Beirut. The residency is taking place from July 4-15 with food prepared by several MCC members from different countries. Tonight July 5 will feature Sierra Leonean cuisine by Mariam, and the other cuisines will be announced on the event page on Facebook.

Draft Law Proposed to Exclude Non-Lebanese Victims from Blast Compensation [here], [here] و [here]

A proposal was made by the Strong Lebanon bloc in the parliament to exclude non-Lebanese victims from financial compensations to be given by the state. This comes in contrast with the decision made by the head of the high relief committee on August 21, 2020 which stated that families of all victims would receive cash assistance, regardless of the victim’s nationality.

The nationalities of the 52 non-Lebanese victims are Ethiopian, Filipino, Egyptian, Bangladeshi, Iranian, Syrian, Palestinian, Pakistani, French, Australian, Dutch, and German.

New Decision by General Security for Irregular Migrants and Foreigners [here]

The General Directorate of the General Security announced in a statement that irregular migrant and foreign workers who wish to leave Lebanon must settle their legal status as of July 15.

General Security Publishes List of  Arrests, Entry/Exit, and Work Visas, disaggregated by nationality [here]

The General Security (GS) published a breakdown of arrests, entry/exit, and work visas between mid May and mid June in the new issue of the GS magazine. Highlights included the following:

  • 247 migrants and refugees were arrested and interrogated;

  • 274 migrants and refugees  were released after interrogation and after having been arrested;

  • Around 3,130 work visas were granted to migrant workers.

Review of “Makhdoumin” Website by Legal Agenda [here]

Legal Agenda published a review on the website “Makhdoumin” of the documentary with the same name by director Maher Abi Samra. The review included the changes that take place on the family and societal levels after a migrant domestic worker starts working, in addition to the changes in the job market during the civil war.

Report on Exploitation of Lebanese Domestic Workers [here]

An article by Al Akhbar reported the exploitation of Lebanese domestic workers who are newly entering this job market, similarly to issues and abuse faced by migrant women due to the exclusion of domestic work from the labor law. The article emphasized the conditions that are leading Lebanese women to work as domestic workers including the deteriorating living conditions and the decrease in the number of migrant women, and concluded that there would be significant changes to the Kafala system in this context.

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