Weekly News Report: May 31-June 6, 2021

التقارير الإخبارية الأسبوعية 2021

Ethiopian workers evacuated. Photo from Egna Legna Besidet

Note: An updated list of resources* where you can track updates and developments in Palestine is available at the end of this report. Please feel free to send us more accounts that we can add to the list.

More Ethiopians Evacuated [here]

Thirty five Ethiopian women were evacuated on May 30 with the support of Egna Legna Besidet, 19 of whom were facing legal charges by employers.

Memo to Health Ministry for Vaccinating Migrant Workers [here]

A memo was drafted and sent to the minister of public health following a meeting between the ministry’s director general and the National Federation of Employees’ and Workers’ Union in Lebanon (FENASOL).

The memo requested the opening of vaccination centers on Sundays for migrant workers who only have that day off; and addressed the issue of migrants who do not possess any form of documentation and hence cannot register for the vaccine.

New MoL Decision for Migrant Domestic Workers [here]

Caretaker minister of labor (MoL) Lamia Yammine issued a new decision on May 31 calling on employers to settle the paperwork of migrant domestic workers who are working in jobs other than domestic work.

The decision warned employers of making the workers do jobs other than stated in the work permits.

Contribution by ARM in New Issue of Radical Housing Journal [here]

A paper in the new issue of Radical Housing Journal featured a contribution by ARM’s executive director on the increasing lack of access to housing in the context of the pandemic, in a conversation with the journal’s editors.

GAATW Panel on Labour Migration [here]

The Global Alliance against Traffic in Women (GAATW) organized a panel discussion on the lived experiences of migrant domestic workers and their agency while working without protection, with participation from ARM.

*Resources for instant updates and news on Palestine:

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