التقارير الإخبارية الأسبوعية 2021

Protest against Kafala, Beirut, photo from Assafirarabi

Apple Threatens to Remove Facebook Apps following the Latter’s Failure to Deal Properly with Posts Trading Migrant Domestic Workers in the Middle East [here]

Apple threatened Facebook to remove all of its applications from the App Store after the social media company failed to handle posts trading and selling migrant women in Middle Eastern countries on its different platforms.

The posts were prominent in the past 2 years in several countries including Lebanon, and Facebook was found to be complicit due its selective censorship of specific posts and disregarding the above-mentioned posts.

Draft Law Proposed to Exclude Non-Lebanese Victims of Tleil explosion from Compensation [هنا]

A law proposal was drafted by the Future,  the Development, and Liberation blocs in the parliament, which excludes non-Lebanese victims from financial compensations by the state for the Tleil explosion. This comes after a similar law was proposed by the Strong Lebanon bloc in June to exclude victims of the August 4 blast. 

Lebanon’s Crises Exacerbate the Plight of Migrant Domestic Workers [here]

UN news published an article on the worsening conditions of MDWs in Lebanon in light of the current crisis. The article condones the Kafala system, especially when it comes to protection from all sorts of abuse, and includes testimonies of workers struggling in Lebanon. The efforts of UN women and kafa to support MDWs in the country are highlighted. 

Migrant Workers in Light of the Crisis [هنا

Assafir published an article about the situation of migrant workers before and throughout the crisis. The article argues that the Kafala system has fueled and encouraged racism, violations and inhumane treatment of migrant domestic workers throughout the years and the different manifestations of that before, during and after the peak of the crisis. 

“A room without a view”, narrative of MDWS [هنا]

A film by Roser Corella was broadcast as part of the 8th version of Palestine cinema days. The movie casts the light on the situation of MDWs in Lebanon. The movie exposes the various violations experienced by MDWs under the Kafala, and shows the perspective of the employers, highlighting the slavery like conditions of Kafala. 

Suspension of Granting and Renewing Travel Documents with 1-year Validity for Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon [هنا]

The Lebanese General Security announces the suspension of granting and renewing travel documents for Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, with a one year validity for applications submitted inside and outside the country.

The submission of applications for granting and renewing travel documents for Palestinian refugees in Lebanon is limited to five years for those registered with the General Directorate of Political and Refugee Affairs and UNRWA, and three years for those registered with the General Directorate of Political Affairs and Refugees only.

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