Weekly News Report: October 26 – November 1, 2020

التقارير الإخبارية الأسبوعية 2020

Sudanese workers traveling home. Photo from Anna Simone

Articles and views shared in the Weekly News Report do not represent ARM’s views. Information in these articles has not been fact-checked by ARM and may contain some errors. ARM is simply compiling all news relevant to migrant communities to inform our advocacy efforts and to facilitate the work of organizations who cater to migrant communities.

Evacuation Updates

More Ethiopian workers evacuated [here]

The Ethiopian consulate in Beirut announced on Facebook that between October 21-28, a total of 947 Ethiopian women were evacuated. In addition, the consulate had also been posting the numbers of people evacuated daily as follows:

More Sudanese workers evacuated [here] 

10 Sudanese men traveled to Khatroum on October 28. More people are set to travel soon as well.

IOM reports on evacuation of Sierra Leonean women [here]

A video by the International Organization for migration (IOM) reported on their facilitation and support for the evacuation of Sierra Leonean women in October.

Standard Unified Contract*

Statement on SUC Block by Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch [here]

Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch released a statement demanding the Council of State to revoke its decision of blocking the standard unified contract (SUC), and to amend the labor law and include migrant domestic workers. The statement noted that the SUC was the first step towards abolishing the Kafala system.

Statement on SUC Block by Kafa Organization [here]

Kafa Organization released a statement on the blocking of SUC by the Council of State, denouncing the council’s prioritization of the Syndicate of the Owners of Recruitment Agencies in Lebanon (SORAL)’s profits over the rights of migrant domestic workers. 

*More on SUC block


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