Children of migrant workers show off love for ‘wonderful’ Lebanon


Daily Star

“There’s a lot of birds flying and one ladybug. And a house with me and my friend. And my friend has a dog and me, I have a dog. And I made birds everywhere,” said a 7-year-old girl called Caroline. With wide eyes she continued to describe a drawing she had just completed depicting her vision of Lebanon. “There’s grass on the floor and stones too,” she said.

Caroline’s mother, a migrant worker from Sri Lanka, adjusted a flower in her daughter’s hair. “She likes Lebanon,” she said of her daughter. “She’s happy … She doesn’t want to go to Sri Lanka.”

Caroline was one of a dozen children of migrant workers participating in an art competition Sunday at the headquarters of FENASOL, the National Federation of the Workers and Employees Unions. The children, who ranged from toddlers to teenagers, were asked to draw their perceptions of Lebanon.

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