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After the success of last week’s session, Nasawiya is hosting another Debating Workshop for activists/ activists to be on Sunday 27-02-2011 by Dutch Debating Champion Ali al-Jaberi. The workshop is offered to you (free of charge) by the organization of the Israeli Apartheid Week with the aim of strengthening the activist community in Lebanon.

Much of what you do as an activist is about trying to get a logical message across persuasively. It is therefore important to be a good debater, i.e to master the art of convincing others of a particular point of view using logical arguments. The workshop helps you to learn this skill and apply it in your work as an activist. A*fter the workshop you will know how to:*

-structure and deliver a speech eloquently

-control your nerves and speak confidently

-construct persuasive, logical arguments

-explain alternative views to a mainstream audience

The workshop deals with:

Presentation techniques, such as the use of body language and how to stay cool under pressure.

Constructing and structuring logical arguments to defend or attack a particular point of view. Here you also learn how to uncover and rebut logical fallacies in the case of your opponent. The basic technique learn here is the way to argue in any discussion. Be it political, like whether or not religious parties should be allowed. Moral, for example, should abortion be morally acceptable? Or professional, helping you to find the pros and cons of a particular decision related to your work.

There will be a lot of practice during the workshop, for mastering a skill depends on exactly that. The workshop is exercise-based, offering challenging exercises that allows you to apply what you learnt.

After each exercise you receive personal feedback, enabling you to immediately raise your skill-level.

*Details: Sunday 27-02-2011 / from 15:00 to 18:00  plz be on time! / at Nasawiya House (

*Please reserve no later than 26-2-2011 as there is limited space!* For more information and reservations: [email protected]

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