Handbook on Serving Migrant Workers: Towards More Inclusive Services by Organizations in Lebanon


The Anti-Racism Movement (ARM) is happy to launch this new handbook for organizations offering services to migrant workers (MWs) in Lebanon, and those planning to include them in their existing or new projects. It can also serve donors to be better informed of the specific needs and challenges facing migrant communities, in order to adapt their funding and requirements accordingly. Many organizations are currently offering services that target MWs or showing interest in their inclusion in their existing projects. For instance, the UN launched the Emergency Response Plan (ERP) which targets migrants among others. Yet, we know the issue of inclusion is not only limited to the criteria themselves, but rather the multiple barriers and challenges faced by MWs when accessing services.

The document aims to cover some of the background knowledge needed by such organizations by explaining the social and legal context of MWs in Lebanon, clarifying the terminologies and legal specificities of MWs based on their documentation and living status, exploring the different barriers when accessing services, and then giving recommendations to organizations on how to overcome them. It also delves into the specific needs flagged by migrant communities and suggests modalities of interventions and specific recommendations for each.

Click here to download the handbook.

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