In preparation for the 100th Anniversary of International Women’s Day (March 8), Nasawiya peeps organised a BEAUTIFUL campaign this weekend and hit the streets on Saturday, March 5, 2011 and Sunday, March 6, 2011 to talk to women about the challenges they face in Lebanon and what changes they would like to see.

Throughout the day, they tweeted some of the women’s thoughts on life in Lebanon as women, and the changes they wanted to see. You can read all our tweets by following the hashtag #HelloWomen.


>> Voices from Batroun

  • “الأم تعطي الجنسية لأولادها، هيدا إسمه فلتان”

>> Voices from Downtown Beirut

  • “كل شي غلط بلبنان. بدّو نفضة ما بتفهم”

>> Voices from Furn El Chebback

  • “Violence only happens with ‘Arriérés’ (Retards).”

>> Voices from Jbeil

  • “المجتمع الشرقي هيك، الزلمي رأس المرأة ورأس هونيك شغلة”

>> Voices from Hamra

  • When asking a girl in Hamra about the law against domestic violence، a man interrupted and said: “Women are the ones who are violent.”

>> Voices from Sassine

  • A nun – “ما بجاوب على هيك سؤال. روحي إسألي المرأة”

>> Voices from Tarik El Jdideh

  • “My kids speak Lebanese better than I do and they’re not Lebanese. They can’t own a house, they can’t work.”

>> Voices from Tyre

  • A man we ran into: “المرأة عندها كل حقوقها. روحوا إنضبّوا”

>> Voices from Zahle

  • “مظلوم الرجّال. كل النسوان مشلّفين

>> Miscellaneous Voices

  • “An NGO is nice for women but going to parliament is too much. She is feminine, she can’t handle it!”
Watch this video for a glimpse of Saturday #HelloWomen.

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