ILO launches journalism fellowship to improve reporting on labor migration in the Arab States


From the International Labor Organization

The ILO, in partnership with the Ethical Journalism Network, launched a six-month Labour Migration Journalism Fellowship Programme. The program is part of a comprehensive initiative to promote fair migration (including fair recruitment), and contribute to the elimination of human trafficking for forced labor across the Arab States region.

The media are instrumental in shaping public perceptions about labor migration, which can in turn influence policy and practice. Coverage of labor migration in the region tends to focus on criminal behavior either by migrants, or against migrants, by employers or traffickers. Often unwittingly, media can perpetuate negative stereotypes about labor migrants, increasing their vulnerability to discrimination and abuse. The fellowship program aims to address this by engaging and supporting a new generation of journalists who are trained to consider the full range of diverse issues inherent in the migration debate, and understand the range of perspectives on this complex topic.

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