Important: Official Apology to Em Nazih


The note posted on ARM blog 2 days ago contains wrong and inaccurate information.

This is an official apology to Em Nazih, Saifi Urban Gardens and their staff. We recently posted a note we received about a racism incident recounted by a friend of ARM. Today, after there was an official meeting by Em Nazih staff, the person who recounted the story and somene from ARM, it led to realizing that the actual place where this incident happened is El Nazih not Em Nazih.

We apologize dearly for Cafe Em Nazih for all that this miscommunication has caused.

We did post this before double-checking the facts and having the meeting which was set today and which cleared things out. The reason is that we received the story from a very credible source and close activist and the number she called on when this happened was El Nazih not Em Nazih and both names got mixed up.

Mistakes happen and although we feel very bad about this, we are happier about the fact that what we thought has happened in Em Nazih definitely didn’t and wouldn’t but it has happened in El Nazih pension, very close by.

As the reply from Cafe Em Nazih earlier today has shown, this place “hosts hundreds of hungry customers Arabs and non-Arabs, rich and poor, gay and straight every week, and anyone who has spent time there knows that the Cafe and its employees treat everyone equally.”

Please if anyone mentions this story in front of you, make sure you correct his or her version. Thank you.

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