International Women’s Day is for Migrant Women Too


Call for Action this Sunday.

So, as we all know by now, these are the Nasawiya plans for IWD 100.

On Saturday, March 5 and Sunday, March 6, we will be going down to the streets to ask thousands of women what kind of challenges they face in Lebanon and what changes they would like to see. We still need volunteers to help us out so if you’re interested, please email [email protected] right away! We will be live tweeting, blogging, and posting photos and videos so follow @nasawiya and our Facebook page to keep up. The locations we will be at are:

  • Hamra
  • Furn el Chebbak
  • Chiah
  • Sassine Square
  • Dawra / Nabaa
  • Bourj Hammoud
  • Tareeq el Jdeedi
  • Haret Hreik
  • Sabra Camp
  • Downtown Beirut
  • Tyre
  • Saida
  • Jounieh
  • Jbeil
  • Zahle
  • Tripoli
  • Saida

On Tuesday, March 8, between 6 and 8 PM, we will be marching in groups from 4 locations in Beirut to the Ain El Mreisse Corniche to Take Back the Night and reclaim our streets from the harassment women face every day. The 4 starting points are:

  • Hamra (Cafe Younes)
  • Sodeco Square
  • Raouche (facing the rocks)
  • Cola roundabout

Join any of these points on Tuesday at 6pm and walk with us! Or meet us directly at Ain El Mreisseh at 7pm. Check out the event on Facebook for updates and join us. Let us be many to make our voices heard! Bring your friends, your mothers, your sisters, everyone.

On Tuesday, March 8, at 830 PM, right after the sit-in, we will join the Israeli Apartheid Week at Issam Fares Hall in AUB. IAW and Nasawiya will be collaborating on that night to host a talk on Struggle, Resistance and Women by Leila Khaled and Hana Ibrahim. The talk is entitled Why We Struggle: Towards a Just Society.

So, apart from hoping that you would ALL join the awesome march on Tuesday, the point of this note is to tell you that there are many people signed up for the Saturday talking-to-women-day but not as many to the Sunday one. And the Sunday one is specific to migrant workers ie we want to go down to set areas (Hamra, Badaro, Monot) and talk to migrant women about everything. 
There will be specific forms we are working in Nasawiya but in theory, what we will do is talk to women, ask them about their concerns and stories, what changes they would  like to see, give them space to express just like we are doing with the non-migrants on Saturday. 
This will take place between noon and 6 PM.
It will be really cool and is much needed because women’s day is not just for Lebanese women.
So, for ideas, suggestions or sign ups, please write me NOW/ farah at nasawiya dot org.
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