Just Another Day in Lebanon



Yesterday I went to a famous mall close to Dawra to do some shopping for myself at around 10 am. The security doorman checked my small handbag as usual and I entered and took the trolley. I walked around the supermarket strands and picked several items while on the other hand, I wasn’t surprised by their usual staring and gossiping in low tones……I gazed and they were wondering what I was doing there since I am black!
I came to the cashier’s desk to pay for the goods. We were all standing in a long chain, one by one as we neared the cash table……Surprisingly, she turned and focused to the next woman behind me when it was my turn.
Since am not so well with Arabic, she kept speaking with the other woman and she claimed she doesn’t understand English. I was furious, I didn’t know what was going on and she kept skipping me!!!!
I stood there helplessly as the other woman pushed me so hard saying I even had nothing in my Trolley to pay for………everybody witnessed what happened! Out of anger, I left everything there and went out of the mall without anything…I saw the customer care number on the wall and was wondering whether I should call or no, at least for someone to hear out my complain. Will they take me seriously?
First; I wasted my time…….Second I fell out to be a victim of racism and classism for another round……Third; I felt powerless under a victim who also needs oxygen to breath like me…….. am sure one can understand that am not accusing the bad customer service at the mall, am expressing out the very first hand nightmare I passed through yesterday! WHY?

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