On May 6th 2012, we will continue the secular march towards citizenship for the third consecutive year… endorse it, support it, help it, participate in its success!! Initiatives as such are so rare in our country… Let us dream together of change and work together for change… and remember Mark Twain’s words: 
“They did not know it was impossible so they did it”

The Laïque Pride will demonstrate this year in support of:

1- Enacting a unified Civil Code for the Personal Status Law.
2- Passing the Law for Protection of Women from Family Violence submitted by KAFA to the Lebanese parliament. We denounce the parliamentary committee distortions to the law draft and demand the full adoption of Kafa’s original draft that included criminalizing marital rape.
3- Abolishing article 522 of the penal law, which drops charges against a rapist if he marries his victim.
4- Amending the nationality law for the full right of Lebanese women to grant their nationality to their children and spouses.
5- Passing the Draft Law Prohibiting the Pre-Censorship on Cinema and Theatre launched by Maharat Foundation and Marsad Al-Raqaba.
6- Withdrawing the draft law Lebanese Internet Regulation Act (LIRA) proposed by the Lebanese Ministry of Information.

The gathering will take place at 4 PM in front of Sanayeh garden in Hamra and we will head together to Ain El Mraisse. The march will end with a Speaker’s Corner at the corniche, where you are invited to speak for up to one minute each answering the following question: “How would you change Lebanon?”
It will be an open citizen space dedicated to the practice of free speech, fearless listening, non-violence, mutual respect and tolerance.

I hope to see you on Sunday…
LEBANESE LAÏQUE PRIDE III     مسيرة العلمانين  نحو المواطنة
Sunday May 6, 2012 at 4:00 PM              الأحد  ٦  ايار   ٢٠١  في الساعة ٤:٠٠   مساءً 
from Sanayeh to Ain El Mraisse           من حديقة الصنائع  الى كورنيش عين المريسة
Nothing will change if we don’t change,
لا شيء يتغير إذا نحن لم ن(ت)غير
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