MCC End of Year Party!


Join us for a warm Sunday at the Migrant Community Center to celebrate the end of the year, Christmas, MCC Gemmayze’s first anniversary, and all what comes along.

It will be a merry, jolly, happy gathering of music, delicious food, children’s activities, dancing, and cake!

All you have to do is bring one plate of food to share! We will all be tasting each others’ dishes.

12:00PM-1:00PM Gathering with soft drinks
1:00PM-2:00PM Lunch
2:00PM-2:30PM Icebreaker “Bread Activity”
2:30PM-3:00PM Kids’ activities (crafts, dancing, Santa visit, and lots of candy)
3:30PM Cake celebration (music, confetti, candles, you name it!)

Everyone is welcome to join!

PS: Feel free to bring along any gifts for MCC and/or the children and leave them under the Christmas tree.


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