MCC Grand Opening Tomorrow!


MCC has moved from Nabaa to Gemmayzeh. Join us to
celebrate and learn more about MCC!
There will be great music, food, and friends!
THIS SUNDAY, November 3, From 3pm to 5:30pm
See you there!
(free entrance)
Fb event link

MCC is a community center where migrant workers meet to organize, discuss issues and hold meetings to prepare events. People who gather at the MCC are free to communicate and to work on cases that involve abuses that have been inflicted on domestic workers, such as, physical abuse and non-payment of wages, racism and discrimination and more.

MCC focuses on support for migrant workers’ own involvement in grassroots activities and advocacy work. People in MCC try to identify and empower other migrants who could themselves advocate for their rights and take part in outreach activities.

MCC hosts different activities such as English, computer and dance classes. The space is open to supporting migrant cultural and social activities so if you have any ideas, please propose them or visit and talk about them.

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