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Ethiopian suicides last year…

I was trying to comment this on the video on ethiopian suicide blog but i couldn’t cause i don’t have an account:

Once we were in Saint George beach club and there was a family sitting near us with their teen-age handicapped brother. They came to lebanon to spend the summer vacation. An African nurse accompanied him from their home residence abroad to here cause he needs 24/24 hour assistance. Soon as he wanted to swim she went with him in the water to help him out. She’s the only one who knows how to hold him and to make him swim.

But before her neck reached the surface of the water, the life guard blew his whistle hard. I thought someone is drowning but i was shocked to see him telling her that she can’t get into the pool. The guy’s young sister went to him and asked him why is that, but he said she’s not allowed to get in the pool. She then went to the main office to ask … See Moreabout that, she thought it’s because she was wearing shorts and a t-shirt rather than swimming suits, but they told her it’s because her colour is black and the Lebanese people “would get disgusted”. She couldn’t swim, neither he could. They stayed under the hot sun… (pools pools everywhere and not one to drop in!) This mentallity is the handicapped mentallity of the lebanese society and we do need assistance!

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