Plea for Help: My mother doesn’t deserve to be locked up in a freezer, she deserves to Rest In Peace.


“I know that every single person who might read this has a mother or maybe unfortunately has lost her already. I’m certain certain that many of you can relate to the pain caused by witnessing a loved one suffer & wither away.

My mother Josefa Deposoy, a Filipino citezen, but lived in Lebanon for the last 33 years, was rushed to Daher El Bechik Hospital Emergency Room on Thursday August 14/2014, upon her doctor’s advice she was scheduled to undergo an urgent operation on Monday August 18/2014, they had to take out most parts of her intestines, The findings were she had Colon Cancer at a very advanced stage, she survived 2dyas in the ICU, by Thursday August 21/2014, my mother passed away & joined her maker.

Right now we are in the midst of arranging the transportation of my deceased mother’s body back to the Philippines, in order to fulfill her life long desire of returning to her motherland & reunite with her family.

Everything is on hold at the moment since the management of the hospital won’t release her corpse nor issue a death certificate unless we settle our remaining balance which amounts to 5000$
My brother has tried in vain to negotiate with them, offering to pay in advance 1500$ in exchange for at least the death certificate, which would allow us to proceed with all the legal formalities required for her body’s transportation back home. But the management is not even willing to cooperate with us.

All we are asking for is to be able to provide our mother a decent funeral, she suffered a lot during her life, she deserves at least to be treated with dignity in her death.

A small donation, or even try to link us with someone in charge of the hospital or any kind of organization or charity that might be able to help us with this unfortunate situation would be much appreciated. My mother doesn’t deserve to be locked up in a freezer, she deserves to Rest In Peace.”
Get in touch with Janeyfer Deposoy on 71091589 or Pamela Skaf on 71328172. Thank you.


Night for Josefa at Rabbit Hole. Check event.

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