Rare protest by South Asian labourers about unpaid wages prompts Dubai to mobilise riot police


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Hundreds of Indians, Bangladeshis and Pakistanis took to the streets in the emirate.
Hundreds of South Asian labourers took to the streets in Dubai on Tuesday to protest unpaid wages and working conditions, prompting the emirate to mobilise riot police. Local reports said the striking workers ripped down corrugated iron fences at a development belonging to Emaar Properties and even came onto the streets to block traffic near the Dubai Mall. The sight of protesting labourers is jarring in a country where demonstrations and unionising are illegal and could easily lead to deportation.

“How much money can we send home now?” one worker at the scene, told the Wall Street Journal. “We are fed like animals.” The Journal reported that the workers were protesting the company’s decision to cut pay citing a loss of productivity and also because they were being fed expired food.

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