Several Liberian Girls Detained In Lebanon upon Orders of their Employers


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Fresh report coming from the city of Beirut, Lebanon says dozens of Liberian girls who were taken from Liberia by their Lebanese employers in that country has disclosed that many of them are currently languishing behind bars based of complain that they have informed their home Country Government of maltreatment being malted against them in that Country.

See attached brief information on the five girls in question:

1. Bernic Gbar –age: 25, came to Lebanon Nov.5 2011, worked 2 yrs and 8 months ( salary-75 per month) without pay, was beaten and abused sexually. parents from Grand Baasa County.

2. Muffitte Panma–age: 25, from Sinor County, came to Lebanon in August 27,2013, worked 1 year without pay ( salary 250).

3. Grace David— from Nimba age 25, came to Lebanon and worked from Nov.15, 2012 to August 2014 without salary 250 promised and was badly beaten and was help by the Liberian Community in Lebanon.

4. Rema Nyepan– from Maryland, age 24, arrived in Beirut August 17, 2013. Worked 1 year and 5 months without salary 250 that was promised her, she was beated in the eyes when ask for the salary.

5. Ayres Jasper— from Maryland, age 21, came to Lebanon Jan.17, 2013. Worked 1 year and 7 months without salary (250). Boss abused her sexually with videoing activities.

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