Shebaik Lebaik: A Performance by Migrant Workers


The MWTF team is very pleased to invite you to “Shebaik Lebaik” a play that is starring our students and that comes as a joint project between Catharsis and MWTF. The play will be performed on the 13th and the 14th of December at 8 PM, and both performances will be followed by a Q&A session on legal and social issues involving migrant workers in Lebanon.

The session on the 14th of December will be attended by the Minister of Labor M. Sejaan Azzi which can present as an interesting opportunity to expose the views of NGOs and activists working in Lebanon on Migrant Workers rights and to open a debate on the topic.

We really value your opinion and we would really appreciate it if you can make it to the performance on that day and be part of this discussion.

Please confirm attendance (to reserve the limited seats) by calling: 03-162573 or 09-914932.


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