Special Appeal to Fellow Protestors in Lebanon

General Advocacy.

Anti-Racism Movement (ARM) has released a statement in support of the revolution where it offered its analysis of racism as a dividing tactic used by those in power to evade responsibility and accountability, and blame their failures on foreigners, both refugees and migrants. We stressed that justice is indivisible, and that this is a revolution of all the oppressed against all oppressors.

 We therefore call on our fellow protestors in the revolution to actively denounce racism and take a stance against it through:

  • Adopting an anti-racist discourse and stance in all our speeches, practices, and actions on the ground.

  • Ensuring that revolution spaces are inclusive of individuals of all nationalities.

  • Demanding the release of detained non-Lebanese protestors with the same urgency and determination that we demonstrate for the release of detained Lebanese protestors.

  • Persistence in following up with workers’ rights violations regardless of the worker’s nationality.

  • Rejecting the scapegoating of refugees for the economic crisis.

  • Persisting in highlighting the issue of refugee rights, despite the accusations of treason and anti-patriotism that refugee rights defenders are facing.

  • Aiming to overthrow not only politicians, but their unjust policies as well, starting with the kafala system.

  • Upon victory, seriously working on building an inclusive society with just laws that ensure equality and social justice for all residents of Lebanon, regardless of their nationality.

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