Testimony of Discrimination Based on ‘Wearing a Veil’


Sharing an eyewitness account of an AUB student who felt they were being discriminated against at a place in Dora and wrote about it on facebook.


ATTALLAH EST in Dora prohibits the entry of a veiled woman.
13th October
Dora- Beirut

Dora, a suburb to the north of Beirut, is a wonderful place of convergence of different ethnicities in Lebanon. There you will see a confluence of Arabs from Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, and Iraq; and Asians from Sri Lanka, Philippine, India; men and women, and veiled and non-veiled women. However, this convergence is prohibited in ATTALLAH EST, a wholesale and retail shop in Dora. This morning, when a group of AUB students, also representing a harmonized convergence of different ethnicities; mainly Arabs and Americans, veiled and non veiled ladies, entered the shop. The shopkeeper at the shop could not tolerate the scene of a veiled lady who entered the shop with the AUB group, inside his shop that was full of people from different ethnicities. Directly he asked the veiled girl: “What do you want?” The veiled lady was looking for a Pepsi in the fridge; he said, “we don’t have”. She continued inside the shop to look for other stuff for sale, he continued following her telling that they only sell to Sri Lankans, and that she has to leave the shop. Another shop employee who was sitting close to the boss behind the cashier desk gave the ok to the veiled lady to stay. After recognizing that she is a member of the AUB group, the shopkeeper realized that he had put himself in an embarrassing position, but he could not retract his racist decision against her and insisted that she and her non-Sri Lankan colleagues leave.
So take care veiled women, don’t try to get in ATTALLAH EST.

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