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We believe we speak for all Lebanese people who are against racism, when we say that we are proud of what Abed Shaheen did this week. He witnessed a shameless act of racism by MEA staff in Beirut International Airport on October 6th, and instead of staying silent, he took it upon himself to launch a full-fledged campaign to expose the incident, to file complaints, to make sure it is properly investigated, and to pressure MEA to publicly apologize for the its staff’s behaviour and ensure that such an incident is not repeated.

He has been spending a considerable amount of his time and energy to take this case as far as it will go, and to try to put an end to this culture of silence and impunity.

Abed, your dedication and follow-through are an inspiration to us. If there were more people like you in Lebanon, we (the Anti-Racism Movement) would no longer need to exist.

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