Wake the fuck up you racist bastards


Toom Extra, thank you!

Oh look at them! How beautiful, stylish and open-minded they are!
They are even dancing on bars, oh wow, so cool! They all go to universities and get at least a Masters Degree!
They all are managers or directors. Oh my God how do they do it?!
The Lebanese are so great, we so want to be like them!

Yeah, this is what you think people are saying about you, you silly superficial bastards, but the whole world is talking about how racist you are, about how stupid and arrogant you are.Who do you think you are?
Do you think you were born from a golden imperial egg, or that you’re superior to the Human race?
Just give me a reason! I need a fucking reason!

Why do you think you’re too special and can’t sit next to an Ethiopian?
Why do you think you can ban an Indian tourist from swimming in your pools?
And now it’s gone too far… you’re banning Filipinos and Nepalese from talking in the airport lounge?!
These same people raised your children, fed them, and tucked them into bed while you were tucking yourself in another bed with your lover.

MEA should present excuses to both the Philippines and Nepal embassies.
MEA should be ashamed of hiring such people.

I don’t know why they act that way? I really don’t know, I have mixed feelings of anger and sadness, I just want to cry, I feel ashamed.

I have an Indian friend who wishes to come to Lebanon, and I’ve been postponing it for two years now, I don’t know what to tell her… like” I am sorry if you come, you’ll have to wait for me outside the bar, or you’re going to be asked to wash the dishes”…

Wake up people!! I so want to slap you all, one after the other, so bad, maybe I can break your arrogance gene…
Wake up people, we are all born equal, it’s not the color of your skin, your education level or your work title that make you better than the rest!
We all belong to the same race, and it’s the Fucking Human race. WAKE THE FUCK UP!

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