Wedding in Lebanon


Last night, at some hotel where we had dinner, we saw a sign indicating that there is a wedding in a hall. We starred at it reading the names of the bride and groom, and then starred at the security guard with questioning eyes. He smiled and said: “yes, you can have a look!”. So we went up the stairs, too curious to let our timidity stop us. A woman in the wedding hall saw us approaching hesitantly and all embarrassed, so she waved at us inviting us in. We paused and blushed even more. She waved again, insisting, with a big smile, and very fast other people joined. So we came in, having attracted too much attention already. The beautiful woman stood up, introduced herself as the cousin of the bride, explained a few words about both families of the married couples, showed us around and introduced us to the grooms – both absolutely gorgeous, very young, shy and joyful. A man, probably the father of one of the grooms, was so proud of the beautiful bride, he asked her to show us her jewelry and body henne… She did it with the most natural smile. Other people in the room just continued eating and chatting… The cousin and father invited us to stay with them, but we gratefully thanked them, wished them happiness and left, filled with the gift of their smiles and generosity.

Now imagine the opposite situation. Imagine a wedding in Lebanon, and 2 Indian women sneaking in.

(Beautiful story by beautiful Yalda Y)

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