Weekly News Report: July 12-18, 2021

Weekly News Reports 2021

MCC members at Demo bar during the Chef Residency

Note: A list of resources* where you can track updates and developments in Palestine is available at the end of this report. Please feel free to send us more accounts that we can add to the list.

Articles and views shared in the Weekly News Report do not necessarily represent ARM’s views. Information in these articles has not been fact-checked by ARM and may contain some errors. ARM is simply compiling all news relevant to migrant communities to inform our advocacy efforts and to facilitate the work of organizations who cater to migrant communities.

Deadline for Irregular Migrants to Leave Lebanon Extended [here]

The General Directorate of General Security announced in a statement that the deadline is now August 15 instead of July 15 for irregular migrants  who need to settle their legal status in order to leave Lebanon 

MCC and Demo Bar Conclude a Successful Chef Residency [here]

The Migrant Community Center (MCC) has concluded its 12 day chef residency at Demo bar in Beirut with big attendance and support.

*Resources for instant updates and news on Palestine:

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