What are you doing for this Christmas?


Two weeks ago Meseret Taffara from Ethiopia gave birth for 2 beautiful twin boys in Lebanon.

However during the process some complications happened which led Meseret to go into coma.

Meseret has been in coma since then and she never saw her kids or had the opportunity to hold them and give them at least the first and the last kiss!

Doctors at first told the husband of Mesrat that she will not survive but later on her situation got better and she opened her eyes but stayed in coma situation (not speaking/interacting or communicating).

Mesrat is married to a Lebanese citizen who believed in breaking the barriers between races and ethnicities and build a family with her. Her husband cannot afford paying for the hospital fees and is crying to see Mesrat in good health and shape, playing with her kids and growing old next to them.

Mesrat is at Saint Jospeh Hospital in Dawra, 3rd floor, intensive care.

This Christmass if you wich to make somone’s life happier and directly save the life of somoene, we highly recomend you to make a contribution for Mesrat and her kids. Imagine how much differnce that would make.

We are ready to receive the contribution and deliver it to her family directly and guarentee that the contribution will be payed for her hospitalization fees.

Any contribution is great even if its a small amount.

For contribution please call Ali from the Anti Racism Movement : 71-421593

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