A racist and pathetic TV Station like MTV, can only produce racist and pathetic material like the below. It is very sad but not very alarming since it not the first time. After what has happened in the past months and all the tragedies which befell migrant workers after the Oct  2011 Raquel Mbarak MTV report which was filled with hate, lies and fallacies, we expect anything and everything from MTV.

You would think that one day after the release of the tragic story of Lila by the Guardian, Lebanese TV channels can fake a bit of shock or interest in the conditions that are leading domestic workers to fall into those endless cycles of abuse but instead you get MTV making fun, unsuccessfully and sillily, about racism, human rights organizations, shaming the right places, concerned media outlets and even the deaths of workers, yes even that.

عاملة السبعة ودمتها ببلدها
عر ولاد زهئت منن
كم شاب لبناني على كم شاب مصري على كم شاب سوري
تكون مجوية ومقلعطة
البراد تفتحو وتنساه 
تكون معقدة نفسياً
تنتف بحالها
بدي ياها تحب الإنتقام 
بدا شي متل السلولير بس يكون بالتخت
ليش كبيتها وليش قتلتها
هيدي رابع خادمة مناخذا من عندك
هيدا يلي بقى منها للخادمة هي وواقعة من فوق لتحت

At least compensate by trying to be funny next time.

Yesterday’s video.

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