Domestic Work in Lebanon Post-2019: Reflections on Emerging Trends

How has the domestic labor market changed post-2019 and what future changes can we expect to see in the next few years? This analytical report aims to present the emerging trends in the domestic labor market, at the levels of policy (government), public discourse (government and media), and on the ground (workers, employers, and brokers).

Call for Volunteers

To respond to the impact of the coronavirus and economic crises on migrant workers, ARM is planning interventions for basic needs assistance including food and hygiene kits and advocacy to prevent evictions. We are calling for volunteers to help us in the following projects:

Podcast: On Allyship and Movement-Building in Beirut

In this episode of Movements that Matter, a berlin-based podcast on migrant and solidarity activism, listen to Talah and Ramy from our team analyze and discuss ally-ship, solidarity, and movement-building with migrant domestic workers in Beirut!