Beach Racism 6: Cyan


A friend just sent us this.


Yesterday after seeing the video you posted regarding the racist beach resorts I called edde sands and cyan and here’s what happened:

1- Edde sands: When asked if a maid can use the pool the operator said anyone who pays entrance fee can use the pool.

2- Cyan: first the lady said no so i asked her if they knew abt the law from the ministry of tourism banning discrimination she said yes, so i asked are u willingly not complying to the law? she said wait i need to talk to the management and asked if i represented the ministry i said i am only a Lebanese who wants to go swimming and that I do not represent any official organization. After waiting for about a minute the lady came back confirming that maids can NOT use the pool.
She said they cant be sure “they are clean” i said i’m sorry but how do you make sure that the Lebanese people in the pool are “clean”? No clear response was given obviously.


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