Call for Participation: Monitor and Boycott Discriminatory Beaches


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We appreciate anyone and everyone’s participation.


This is an online platform for people to

– Know, monitor and report incidents of discrimination (racism, classism or any other base) or denial of entry and access to all facilities (pool included).

– Encourage and frequent beaches which apply non-disriminatory policies.

– Call on people to boycott places which refuse to change their discriminatory policies. List will be updated regularly when beaches change their policies publicly.

Please send us your experiences at beaches in Lebanon. You can email us, call us, send us a video or a picture. You will remain completely anonymous unless you ask for your name to be used. You can also directly call the tourism police hotline on 1735 if you witness an act of discrimination at a beach but it would be great if you can share that story with us too.


Updated list-

Aqua Land, Oasis, Phoenix, Lazy Beach, Zahrat Khayzaran, Splash Mountains, Water Gate, Janna Sur Mer, St George

Cyan Beach, Bamboo Bay, Edde Sands, Florida Beach, Golden Beach, La Plage, Las Salinas, Long Beach, Miramar, Oceana, Riviera, Portemilio, Rio Lento, Sporting Club


This is a non-comprehensive list. We need everybody’s help in order to get data on all other places which are not included above. Please email ([email protected]) or write to the admins.

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