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We recieved this by email. We post with permission.

I have been browsing through the internet for Philippine anti-racism NGOs that I might be able to approach for assistance with our problem.  I chanced upon your blog during my search.

My wife & I were victims of anti-racism remarks by a Filipino-American preacher in Baguio City.  I am a Filipino-Chinese born in the Philippines.  This Pastor shouted “…GO BACK WHERE YOU BELONG…” to me during an argument with him & his people.

He also called my wife “GAGO” and “STUPID” in front of his people & our staff at our village.  I guess this will be of interest to Women’s Groups in the Philippines.  My problem is I cannot locate any groups that I can contact for help.  I realize that your blog Anti Racism Movement (ARM) tackles issues pertaining to racism in Lebanon.

While it may seem strange that I am contacting you for help, perhaps you may know of groups in the Philippines that you might refer to me to contact.  Thank you for your time. 

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