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ARM’s food distribution project came to a close this month, as our strategy to phase-out of relief projects in 2021 continues.  We took the difficult decision that we would like to make sure that our core focus remains to secure long-term, sustainable change for migrant workers and racialized groups in Lebanon. Whilst we have managed to offer a small extra resource to the communities we work with over the last year, we are also highly aware that ARM does not have the funds nor the staff capacity to meet growing needs at the same time as working on long-term change. Instead of trying to fill an impossibly large gap with very limited resources, we believe we can use our position in more valuable ways at this time. During phase-out, we are working with local initiatives who are looking to scale up relief efforts in the future and we are also advocating for more support for migrant workers from larger organizations with the mandate and capacity to do so. If you hear of any support programmes to meet the basic needs of migrant workers in Lebanon, please [email protected]

For information about donations and to donate: https://armlebanon.org/donate 

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